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Solar RO Plants and Solar Pumping systems are the two key products offered by Solaropia. We efficiently service the water-energy segment using advanced solar technologies.

Solaropia Solar RO Plants service more than half a million people around the world in rural villages and towns. They are the most advanced and energy efficient plants designed to operate in harsh conditions with minimum maintenance. Solaropia deep well solar pumping systems can reach underground water at 2000″ (700m) and can pump 100 m3/h (400gpm). Our solar pumping inverters-VFD (SPI) operate surface pumps up to 500hp in large irrigation projects.

The resource center provides information on these advanced products. Please contact us if you have any particular inquiry or projects and you need more information.

Solar Compact RO Plants Resource

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Solar Water and RO Plants Resources

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Solar Pumping Resources

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