Solaropia Solar Recycle RO Plants

Solaropia S-RO R (Solar Recycle RO Plants) class offers solar system to operate all types of water recycling RO plant (sewage, Oil and gas, Power plants, other industrial water). The solar system will operate all plant pumps: feed- pumps, the primary, secondary and tertiary RO processing pumps, and the final pumping stage for water re-use. Plants of up to 10MGP can be operated by S-RO R.

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S-RO R Plants

S-RO R provides complete solar system to operate brackish water RO plants for deep-wells up to 2000’ (700 m) head, and RO production capacity up to 2 million GPD ( about 5000m3/day) . S-RO R offers economic solution for new plants, and for existing plants –it does not require changes to existing RO plants infrastructure. S-RO operates all plant pumps from one control: Deep-well pump, RO pumps, and distribution pumps (or pumping to elevation tanks). Our S-RO R can operate all RO plant size (small or large) offering clean economic power solution to use ground brackish water to supply towns, cities, industrial and irrigation plants with sweet water to support basic living in rural or urban areas.

  • Operate Plant pumps Off-Grid (in Rural Areas Plants)
  • Operate 24 hours pumping in hybrid Solar-AC mode (In Urban Areas)
  • Pump type independent (No need to change existing plant infrastructure to operate with solar)
  • Extremely efficient (about 40% higher efficiency than conventional solar power systems)

S-RO R Applications

Solar Sewage Plants

S-RO R can operate all stages of sewage plants including the third RO stage to produce recycled water for irrigation.


Oil and Gas Plants

S-RO R can supply the water oil fields need from recycling the produced water from production at any location at any plant, size.


Industrial Plants

Water recycle can saves industrial plants considerable cost of both water and power – and clean environment


S-RO R Models

Solaropia S-RO R models can be sized for various capacities desalination plants. S-RO models are listed below for up to 1million GPD (1000 m3/day)-source TDS at 3,000 ppm (requires about 150 psi RO pressure pumps). Larger plants up to 50 million GPD can be sized using this modular standard 1 million GPD plant.

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