Solaropia Seawater Desalination Plants

Solaropia S-RO D class offers complete solar system to operate small and large size seawater desalination plants. The solar system operates feed-surface pumps , high pressure RO pumps up to 1000 psi ( for source water up to 45,000 TDS), and water distribution pump. Plant Models are available from 25,000 GPD (100m3/d) up to standard 1 million GPD (3000m3/d) that can be used to operate larger plants.

S-RO Desalination Plants

S-RO operates existing plants without a need to make changes to their infrastructure. The Solar Power plant Bus (SPB) is added to the RO plant and jointly with the existing AC Power Bus (APB) they feed our SPI Solar-VFD systems that operate plant pumps. Weather the plant is operated manually, or by SCADA, no changes in the plant operation is required. Our SPI systems can be easily integrated with the control room using standard industrial communication protocols. S-RO just adds the solar power source to the plant with smart SPI solar technology to operate the plant with clean solar power day time, and grid power night time.
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Efficient Solar Pumping Technology

Conventional solar inverters (Off and On Grid) are not suited to operate pumps – they would need four systems (Solar Inverter, Transformer, VFD, and Pump Controller) which translates into 20%-30% of solar power loses. SPI solar pumping technology operates pumps directly from PV plants – it eliminates loses and the extra systems cost (see the diagram below). Overall, SPI technology is by 40% average more efficient than conventional solar (and reduces the solar systems cost with this percentage).

  • New Solar VFD technology to operate pumps at various plant loads and directly operate from Solar PVs
  • Operate Plant pumps Off-Grid (in Rural Areas Plants)
  • Operate 24 hours pumping in hybrid Solar-AC mode (in urban areas)
  • Pump type independent (no need to change existing plant infrastructure to operate with solar)
  • Extremely efficient (about 40% higher efficiency than conventional solar power systems)

S-RO D Applications

City Water Desalination Plants

S-RO D can operate city plants of many million gallons per day at lower operating cost with clean durable power.


Power Generation for Oil and Gas Plants

Thermal Power plants and oil –gas plants can benefit from clean power to operate its RO desalination plant. S-RO-D of 1million gallon water per a day can operate:

  • 200 MW power plant
  • 20,000 barrel oil production


S-RO D Models and Capacities

S-RO models are sized for various capacities desalination plants. S-RO models are listed below for up to 1million GPD (1000 m3/day)-seawater source at TDS 45,000 ppm (requires about 1000 psi RO pressure pumps). Larger plants up to 50 million GPD can be sized using this modular 1 million GPD plant.

View more product details about Solaropia S-RO D in the product brochure