Solaropia Solar Deep Well Pumping

Solaropia SPI-W represents a new generation of solar pumping systems that uses solar VFD technology to directly operate pumps up to 500 HP from Solar PV arrays. Their main features includes:

Solaropia Deep Wells Pumping Systems

SPI-W Product Features:

  • Operate pumps Off-Grid (in Rural Areas)
  • Operate 24 hours pumping in hybrid Solar-AC mode (in Urban Areas)
  • Pump type independent (no need to change existing pumps to use SPI solar power)
  • Models to pump from up to 1500’ well heads (500m) and up to 1500 GPM (400 m3/h)
  • Advanced Industrial pump protection functions
  • Extremely efficient (about 40% higher efficiency than conventional solar systems)

SPI-W Applications

City Supply Ground Water Plant

SPI-W -500 model can pump 1-to-3 million GPD (4000-12000 m3/day) of fresh ground water using one solar pump at 500 KW PV

City Supply Ground Water Plant

Brackish Water RO Plants

SPI-W500 model can feed RO plants to supply 1 million GPD (4000m3) per day using one deep well solar pump at 500 KW PV

Brackish Water RO Plants


Power plants and Oil and Gas industry can benefit from SPI-W. 1million gallon ground water per a day can operate:

  • 200 MW power plant
  • 20,000 barrel oil production


Irrigation Plants

SPI-W offers models to operate from 5 to 500 HP pumps to irrigate small farms from 10 Acres to large farms up to 1000 Acres with one solar pump


Models and Capacities

SPI models are referenced following pumps horse power (HP). SPI is operated by PV array in KW equal to the HP of pumps. SPI-W models up to 500 HP are listed here for required pumping head (H) and flow rate (Q). Models are referenced with the required pumping HP (KW PV).

View more product details about Solaropia SPI-W in the product brochure