Solaropia SPI-RO Solar RO Pumps

Solaropia SPI-RO Class represents a new generation of high-pressure solar pumping systems that use solar VFD technology to directly operate RO pumps up to 500 HP from Solar PV arrays.

Solar RO Pumps SPI-RO Header

SPI-RO High Efficiency-Lower Pumping Cost

Conventional solar inverters (Off and On Grid) are not suited to operate pumps – they would need four systems (Solar Inverter, Transformer, VFD, and Pump Controller) which translates into 20% of solar power loses. SPI eliminates all these systems (see the diagram below) and reduces solar system cost by average 40%-50%

  • Operate RO pumps Off-Grid (in Rural Areas)
  • Operate 24 hours pumping in hybrid Solar-AC mode (in Urban Areas)
  • Pump type independent (no need to change existing pumps to use SPI solar power)
  • Models to pump up to 600 GPM (150 m3/h) at 1000 psi
  • Advanced Industrial pump protection functions
  • Extremely efficient (about 40% higher efficiency than conventional solar systems)

SPI-RO Applications

RO Plant Manufacturers

SPI-RO enables RO manufacturers to offer Hybrid Solar-AC powered RO plants for wide range of applications


RO Brackish Ground Water Plants

SPI-RO 300 model can operate RO pump to deliver 1 million GPD (4,000 m3/day) from 5000 TDS brackish water using one solar pump at 300 KW-PV


Water-Reuse RO Plants

SPI-RO 400 can operate water recycle plant up to 1 million GPD (4000m3/day)
Using 400 KW PV


Seawater Desalination RO Plants

SPI-RO 500 operate RO desalination pumps at 300,000 GPD (1200 m3) from seawater at 45000 TDS


Models and Capacities

SPI models are referenced following pumps horse power (HP) and requires equal power PV array in KW. To determine the required horse power (PV in KW) for given pumping head (H) and require Flow Rate (Q), please refer to the datasheet of SPI-W, SPI-S, and SPI-B. SPI-I can operate all these pumps and additionally provides smart irrigation pumping.

View more product details about Solaropia SPI-I in the product brochure