Solaropia SPI-I Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solaropia SPI-I Class offers a new generation of irrigation solar pumping systems that use solar VFD technology to directly operate farm pumps up to 500 HP from Solar PV arrays. he world’s first battery-less, transformer-less solar inverter technology that operate OFF –Grid , On-Grid and Hybrid mode (Solar, and AC) to Prolong day time operation with any available solar power.

Solaropia SPI-I Solar Irrigation Pumps Header

New Solar VFD with Adaptive MPPT Technology

Soalropia SPI employs new efficient MPPT technology (patent pending- Adaptive MPPT Solar VFD) that decreases solar PV power by 40% to operate pumps compared with existing solar inverters

  • Operate pumps Off-Grid (in Rural Farms)
  • Operate 24 hours pumping in hybrid Solar-AC mode (in Grid-connected Farms)
  • Pump type independent (no need to change existing pumps to use SPI solar power)
  • Operate Ground water and surface Pumps, boosters for sprinklers Central Pivots
  • Embeds smart irrigation tools that advice farmers on required flow and volume per crops
  • Advanced Industrial pump protection functions
  • Extremely efficient (about 40% higher efficiency than conventional solar systems)

SPI-I Applications

Ground Water Pumping

SPI-IW 200 provides power to lift water 1500’ (500m) to deliver 200,000 GPD (500 m3) to irrigate up to 400 Acres with 200 KW PV


Surface Water Pumping

SPI-IS 100 operates large surface pumps at 100 KW PV to deliver1million GPD (6,000m3) to irrigate 500 Acres


Boosters for Central Pivots

SPI-IB 200 operates booster pumps of pivots to irrigate large farms up to 500 Acres with only 200 KW PV


Models and Capacities

SPI models are referenced following pumps horse power (HP) and requires equal power PV array in KW. To determine the required horse power (PV in KW) for given pumping head (H) and require Flow Rate (Q), please refer to the datasheet of SPI-W, SPI-S, and SPI-B. SPI-I can operate all these pumps and additionally provides smart irrigation pumping.

View more product details about Solaropia SPI-I in the product brochure