Solar Pumping Systems (SPI-Class)

Solaropia offers ready-to-install and to operate SPI solar pumping systems with built-in application specific pumping controller that makes solar pumps user friendly and easy to operate in specific applications. We offer five classes of solar pumping systems in four packages:

  • Package 1: SPI for Solar installers (includes SPI systems, Installers supply PVs and Mounts).
  • Package 2: Complete Solar System for existing Pumping systems (SPI with Solar PVs, Mounting racks and all cables)
  • Package 3: Complete Solar System with new pump for new pumping projects.
  • Package 4: Complete Turn-key Solar Pumping project (new or existing pumping systems) with installation and commissioning.

Solaropia Offers Six Solar Pumping System Classes


SPI-W Class

Solar Deep Wells Pumping Systems

SP-W class offers Solar system to operate all types of Deep-wells pumps. Models are available to power up to 500 hp pumps to supply water from wells up to 1500’ (500 m) head and at 1500 GPM (400m3/h) . SPI-W systems can operate Off-grid in rural areas (farms, oil fields, village’s water treatment plants), and in Hybrid mode using solar and AC power and can supply up to 2 million GPD (8000 m3/day)


SPI-S Class

Solar Surface Pumping Systems

SPI-S class offers Solar pumping systems for surface pumps in applications ranging from small plants to large pumping stations and water district plants. It offers models than can operate pump up to 18,000 GPM (5000 m3/h).


SPI-B Class

Solar Boosting Pumping Systems

SPI-B class offers Solar pumping systems for surface pumps in various applications ranging from small to large water district distribution plants. The class can operate pumps to distribute 10 million GPD at 7 -10 bras to city piping network.


SPI-I Class

Solar Irrigation Pumping Systems

SPI-I class offers Solar Pumping Systems for agricultural-irrigation. This class operates all pumping types at farms (deep-wells, surface, boosters for sprinklers, dripping, and pivots). It features built-in irrigation advisor to assist farmers to manage water volume per crops-type- farm area. It has also remote services to access pumps to change their pumping parameters, and to report back flow rate and volume per day.


SPI-RO Class

Solar High Pressure RO Pumping Systems

SP-RO class offers Solar pumping systems for RO plants in various applications ranging from small plants to larger desalination plants. The class can handle pumping from 100 psi to 1000 psi pressure to operate seawater desalination plants. It easily integrates with manufacturers design, existing plants PLC and SCADA systems in large plants.


SPI-P Class

Solar Pumping Systems for Commercial Pools

Solaropia SP-P class offers Residential and Commercial solar pumping systems for 15,000 to 300,000 Gallons pools. SP-P operates all pool facilities (Pool, SPA, Cleaner) with solar power reducing pool pumping operation cost by 60%.