SolarOpia Products

Solaropia is leading the world in developing innovative solar pumping technologies. Our Solar Pumping Inverter VFD (SPI) operate pumps at 30% more efficiency than conventional solar inverters.

We offer ready to install and operate solar pumping systems for various applications (SPI-classes). We also offer solar systems for water plants and RO treatment plants (S-RO classes).

Solar Pumping Systems (SPI-Class)


SPI offers solar systems to operate pumps from 5hp to 500hp. We offer six classes of solar pumps for specific applications: deep-well pumps (SPI-W class) that can pump up to 1500 GPM at well head of 1200, Surface Pumps (SPI-S class) can pump up to 20,000 GPM using 500KW solar, Boosting Pumps (SPI-B) widely used in district water distribution plants, Irrigation pumps (SP-I class) specifically developed for agricultural irrigation with solar pumping advisor for farming, Pool pumps (SP-P class) to operate pools up to 300,000 gallons using one pump, and high-pressure RO pumps (SPI-RO class) for RO plants. All SPI systems can operate off-grid in rural areas, and in hybrid Solar – AC power in urban areas.

Solar Water Plants (S-RO Class)


Solaropia offers solar systems to operate small and large city scale water plants, RO Plants, and industrial water recycling plants. Our S-RO class offers integrated solar system to operate all plant pumps with solar (Feed Pumps, High Pressure RO pumps, distribution pumps). Our S-RO systems easily integrate with existing plants, without changes to existing plant infrastructure. S-RO integrates with plant controls (manually, PLC, SCADA). S-RO Solar Systems reduce in average 50% of water plant operating cost. Offering economic, reliable, durable, and clean plant power and operating environment.

We also offer compact solar systems (S-ROC), enabling OEM’s to offer containerized Seawater desalination plants, Ground water RO plants, Industrial water recycling plants.