Leading in Solar Pumps

Solaropia manufactures, engineers, and custom designs integrated Solar Pumps and Solar RO Plants. Founded on 2011 in San Diego, California originally as “Solar Integrated Systems” in 2014 became “Solaropia” recognized as a world technology leader in developing and manufacturing integrated solar systems. Our SPI (Solar Pumping Inverter – VFD) class of systems offers the world’s first solar industrial pumps and in 2014 was awarded the prestigious Energy Globe Organization by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for its application in Solar RO plants.

Solaropia is headquartered in San Diego California, and has presence worldwide. More than 1500 systems have been installed and operated successfully around the globe since 2011.

Innovating Solar Technologies

We benefit from years of industrial research and design, developing new solar pumping technologies that are easy to integrate and operate. Our patented SPI (Solar Pumping VFD) technology operates pumps and plants at over 30% more efficiency than existing solar systems. Solaropia high-pressure pumps operate RO seawater desalination plants at 1000 PSI as well as RO ground water treatment plants for small cities even where the grid does not exist in about 800 locations around the world.

We provide full services to various groups (RO manufacturers, RO plant designers , Water plants operators) offering state of the art solar systems and full support anywhere in the globe.


Solaropia is committed to working with you to find the optimal solution for your power needs from fully customized to pre-assembled systems. We serve millions of people in communities around the world and are dedicated to incorporating solar energy in remote locations.