Solar Pumps and Solar RO Plants

Solar Pumps and Solar RO Plants by SolarOpia provide practical solutions for water energy sectors. Our solar pumping systems are designed to offer performance and efficiency, saving you on average over 30% (SolarOpia Solar Pumps requiring 30% less PV’s to operate pumps with solar power).

Solaropia is the only company that offers Solar Pumps up to 500hp. Our systems service large water plants, RO plants, irrigation projects, and industrial pumps. SolarOpia SPI (Solar Pumping Inverter VFD) reduces cost and area of Solar Powered Plants.

Solar Pumps Solaropia

Solar Pumping Systems (SPI Class)

Solaropia SPI (Solar Pumping Inverter – VFD) a new generation of solar technology that integrates solar inverters, solar VFD, and pump controllers into a single system. Energy efficient technology operating pumps at 30% fewer PVs than conventional solar inverters. SPI operates in two modes: Battery-less off-grid solar mode and 24/7 pumping in hybrid mode (solar with gensets or grid power). Complete plug-’n-play easy to install and operate system. Models are available to operate pumps up to 750 hp with solar power.

Models for Deep Wells Pumps, Surface Pumps, Boosting Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, and High Pressure RO Pumps. SPI technology is pump brand independent; compatible with all pump brands.

SPI offers complete solar pumping solutions for:

  • Water Districts
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Industrial Plants
  • Farms

Solar RO Solaropia

Solar RO Plants (S-RO Class)

Solaropia offers complete systems to operate RO plants with Solar Power. S-RO class operates all pumps in RO plants (high pressure RO pumps, feed pumps, chlorine pumps, distribution pumps). Our systems enable RO manufacturers to integrate Solar in their new RO designs. S-RO offers solar-hybrid operated RO systems. Existing water plants can be retrofitted to operate with solar power by S-RO class without changes to plant infrastructure. With our solar solutions utilities and water districts can reduce their operating costs.

We also offer ready to install and operate compact containerized Solar RO plants (S-ROC class) up to 100,000 GPD (500m3/day) designated for rural towns, villages, oil fields, and compounds.

S-RO class offers complete solar pumping systems for:

  • Utility water plants
  • Brackish water treatment
  • Seawater desalination plants
  • Sewage and water recycling plants
  • Industrial plants

Innovations in Solar Pumping Technology

Solaropia is the leading developer and manufacture of Solar Technologies for Pumping Stations and Solar RO Plants. SPI (Solar Pumping Inverter – VFD) represents a new generation of Solar Technology. Operating industrial pumps at 30% higher efficiency than conventional solar inverters, SPI integrates system power and complete pump controls.

We’re excited to hear about your project, and look forward to working with you. Contact us today to get started.