Innovations in Solar Pumping Technology

Solaropia develops innovative solar technologies for pumping systems to improve their performance and reduce their cost. Solaropia is the world first company to offer up to 300 HP solar pumping systems. Our SIV technology (Solar Inverter –VFD) is 40% more efficient than traditional solar inverters in solar pumping applications- reduces with this percentage the cost of solar pumping systems. It operates pumps in three power modes (OFF, ON, and OFF-ON Grid in Hybrid Mode) using adaptive MPPT technology developed specifically to solar pumping systems. We also offer application specific solar pumping classes (SP Classes) for Pools, Irrigation, RO plants, Central pivots, as well as General Solar Pumping systems.


SP-P Class

Solar Pumping Systems for Residential and Commercial Pools

Solaropia SP-P CLASS offers Residential and Commercial solar pumping systems for 15,000 to 300,000 Gallons. SP-P operates all pool facilities (Pool, SPA, Cleaner) with solar power reducing pool operation cost by 60%



Solar Irrigation and General Pumping Systems

SP-I class offers general application Solar pumping systems (Deep-wells, Surface and Boosters ) from 1 HP to 300 HP.The class can meet any vigorous pumping requirement. It easily integrates with Irrigation controllers ( sprinklers, dripping , Pivots), and industrial PLC –SCADA systems using Modbus and Profibus protocols.


SP-RO Class

Solar Pumping Systems for RO plants

SP-RO class is dedicated to operate RO plants up to 600 GPM with solar power. RO manufacturers, designers and developers can now offer RO plants that can fully operate with solar power with automatic switching day and night time to operate with AC. It also offers flexible selection of RO pressure and feed pumps to meet their deign requirement for RO application.

SolarOpia is the Leading

solar engineering firm providing complete systems and solutions to communities around the world. We engineer, design, customize, and produce advanced integrated solar-powered systems featuring the highest quality components and tested technologies. Our products range from solar pumping systems to solar telecommunications towers that can be customized to fit many applications.